Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Rebel Monarchist, stanzas VI-XI

Behold! On new adventures doth our Hero swift embark.
To sail the seven seas, or maybe just to stroll the park?
His myriad crushing arguments, for Might-makes-Right's True Cause
In former times serv'd as his cymbals, clashing without pause.

But now, he chooses a new task, a most amusing chore:
He gives his challenge, whipping up a witty Poet's War.
Perhaps he entertains certain fresh subjects for this duel?
Indeed! For his old arguments, this duel's his brand-new tool!

And thus he hurls his javelins, his Monarchistic jabs!
Twice swinging at the Constitution, stumbling as he stabs,
While throngs of weeping flatterers adore his rival's verse,
Each begging on their knees "Mock Me! O! Mock me too!" 'til hoarse.

A third blow, now, the Monarchist brings down with vicious clamor,
And those around him tremble at this stroke's resounding tremor.
These new-spun stanzas show his creativity; his best!
He rhymes with eloquence, then writes it oth'rwise like the rest.

In Riotous effort to advance his point through rants and wits
In Tantrum urges 'gainst his foe, t'abstain from "Kicking Fits".
He who would freely break the Constitution for some cause
Accuses his vile rival of now posing 'bove the laws.

How public, bravely, fiercely, does he give his foe hortation
To "Lay Low and Enjoy" it all when evil chokes our Nation.
If only he'd believe in freedom- Paragon he'd be:
He puts such pain and effort toward the cause of Apathy.


  1. Creed! You've knocked another right out the park sir! Bravo!

  2. Reckless, Creed.

    Tis' conceited, you hotheaded lad,
    To be as a boy scout with satiric badge.
    I know my place and thou shalt know yours too,
    Place of authority is reserved for few.

    But do I not win in the prolonged end,
    As I pray for my leaders and earn their favor.
    For when I see your garments you rend,
    Its a laughable sight, and cheery flavor.

    Well done, Sir. Keep in mind I wrote this one on the spot just now and had not even a pipe bowl to guide my mind.

    And I write once again . . .

    Clarity, why have you abandoned me thus,
    For I honor my opponent, who shamed me thus.
    And to Friend I must bid adieu,
    Remember, thy case has no value.

  3. Creed, I demand you post another blog!